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April 5, 2022

Today we share our microphone with Dr. Jessica Melsinger from Merck Animal Health. Jessica reflects on many topics, including sustainable practices in animal agriculture, animal health, and meat. She also explains the role of the meat industry in using and delivering every piece of meat from the farm to the table.

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Pork Quality
March 22, 2022

This week we sit down with Brandon Fields from PIC to discuss about the evolution of pork quality and learn about the past and current challenges faced by the pork industry. Brandon Fields is a Global Director in Applied Meat Science at PIC (Pig Improvement Company) and during his career he has studied pigs to improve production and genetic potential of pigs.

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Our very fist guest on this show is back! Dr. John M. Gonzalez, who is an Assistant Professor at the University of Georgia, returns to discuss about the use of growth promotants in animal production and its impact on meat quality.

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Today we have a new format in which we talk about a variety of topics with Dr. Phil Bass.   Dr. Francisco recently traveled to South America to learn and assist meat processors, and in this episode he shares his experiences and debates the importance of learning how other countries process meat.   Among these are the effects of injections, producer-consumer communication, and meat industry academia.

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March 1, 2022

In this episode we sit down with Maria Bueso Ponce from Honduras. Her passion for meat science has led her to become a leader in the meat industry in Central America helping modernize beef and pork slaughter floors and more in that region.

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MeatsPad, founded by Francisco Najar-Villarreal from Kansas State University (KSU), is a platform dedicated to sharing breakthrough knowledge in a way that is accessible to the meat industry.

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Francisco earned his PhD in Meat Science at Kansas State University and also created MeatsPad Spanish to serve the Spanish speaking community in the meat industry.

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