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June 29, 2022

Our last interview for the IFFA 2022, we sat down with Ove Vasvari, who works for a Slaughterhouse Optimizing Company in Denmark.    Ove tells us the best practices, and the main needs the industry has, to increase economy and sales, by improving the performance of slaughterhouses operations.

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Trade & Export
June 28, 2022

To continue with these dialogues during the 75th RMC, Erin Borror, Vice President of Economic Analysis for the US Meat Export Federation, talks about the current challenges the global meat markets are facing and how it is impacting meat pricing. As Economist, Erin is responsible for USMEF’s red meat export forecasts, trade policy related analysis, global market analysis for U.S. exporters, and U.S. market analysis for international customers.

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Human Resources
June 22, 2022

Today we speak with Dr. Mindy Brashears, a professor and Director of the International Center for Food Industry Excellence at Texas Tech University.   Dr. Bass talks to Dr. Brashears about her humanitarian work over the continent, and how all his experience, has led her to the place in which she is today.   Her work has resulted in the commercialization of pre-harvest feed additives that reduce E. coli and Salmonella in cattle. She also leads international research teams to Mexico Belize and Argentina to improve food safety and security in those sectors and to set up sustainable agriculture systems in impoverished areas.

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June 16, 2022

Today we sat down with Collette Kaster, CEO of the American Meat Science Association, to talk about this year's RMC. Together with Kaster, we discussed the purpose of the RMC, which is not only a symposium but also a networking opportunity for our industry partners.

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June 14, 2022

Drs. Francisco Najar and Phil Bass traveled to the old continent to meet meat industry leaders in Germany and Spain. Today they discuss what they learned about new technologies and innovations presented at IFFA, Public University of Navarra and Viscofan.

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MeatsPad, founded by Francisco Najar-Villarreal from Kansas State University (KSU), is a platform dedicated to sharing breakthrough knowledge in a way that is accessible to the meat industry.

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