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October 11, 2022

Today we are honored to welcome Dr. Terry Houser, an Associate Professor at Iowa State University and Smithfield Foods Chair in Meat Science Extension. Dr. Houser highlights the importance of the Weekly National Carlot Meat Report - USDA where meat processors and retail businesses can analyze current and historical meat prices. He also explains the seasonality effect and the current work force dilemma within the meat industry.

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October 4, 2022

We continue our conversations with meat scientists during the 83rd AAMP show. On this episode, we share our microphone with M.S. Derek Schroeder, a Kill Floor and Meat Processing Specialist at Ultrasource. Many small and even large meat processing facilities are adapting the use of low pressure systems in ground beef patty forming lines. Derek dives into the advantages when processors utilize vacuum stuffers compared to traditional compressing patty machines.

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Human Resources
September 20, 2022

In today's episode, Alex Freeman, CEO of SmartLocker and owner of Agriculture Grant Solutions, joins us at the American Association of Meat Processors 2022 Convention in Des Moines, Iowa to break down the available funding programs to support small and mid-sized meat processors in the U.S. Agriculture Grant Solutions, a meat processor assistance program, was created by Alex to support our local producers by connecting them to financing programs. Freeman discusses the budget financing programs that have been implemented in the United States over the last two administrations, as well as the means of obtaining financial aid for small businesses, which includes not only meat but also agriculture.

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September 13, 2022

Why is Sustainability key these days for the meat industry?  To address various questions from our listenership, we met with Dr. Kim Stackhouse, Director of AGNEXT, a catalyst between academic research and industry innovation focused on sustainability. She’s also an Animal Science Professor at Colorado State University and discusses the vision of AGNEXT and how this organization brings individuals from different industry areas together to further animal agriculture.

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September 7, 2022

For our last interview at RMC 2022, we invited Dr. Chris Calkins to learn about his new ventures, including the Nebraska Beef project where he travels the world teaching about meat quality, meat processing and the uniqueness of beef from Nebraska.  As we wrap up this RMC, Dr. Calkins speaks about the new Meat Science generations and his experience attending the RMC 2012 concurrent sessions, AMSA activities and much more.

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MeatsPad, founded by Francisco Najar-Villarreal from Kansas State University (KSU), is a platform dedicated to sharing breakthrough knowledge in a way that is accessible to the meat industry.

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