The Original Dry Aging Bags - Thea Lopatka & Amando Komoda

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The Original Dry Aging Bags - Thea Lopatka & Amando Komoda

This week we have the pleasure to invite two friends, Thea and Amando Lopatka, CEO and Operations Manager for of UMAY DRY®️, respectively, to talk about how this brand was created. Thea also created DryAgePro®️, a company that provides solutions to meat processors and restaurants who are seeking to dry age at a commercial scale and at low cost using the special and original membrane bags. You will find this talk very enriching if you are a company that seeks to learn about new, inexpensive and easy alternatives for dry aging, and how you can implement them; as well as the benefits and differences that exist compared to traditional methods of dry aging in meat.

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Dr. Francisco Najar
MeatsPad co-host

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